Skin whitening may not be for everybody if it is done merely to make a person fairer. However, it is effective in evening the skin out if pigmentation problems persist. Aside from widely advertised fairness creams and lotions, there are other ways to lighten skin tone.

Cryosurgery: Cryosurgery is the process of using argon or liquid nitrogen to produce very cold temperatures. The treatment is very effective in lightening skin color as well as in removing skin tags, moles and warts. Precancerous skin cells can also be removed.

Laser treatment: Laser treatment is considered to be highly effective in whitening the skin although people with dark complexions don’t stand to benefit much. In fact, they may develop blisters and scarring.

Skin lightening creams abound in the market as fair skin is still considered to be superior to darker tones. Topical applications differ in composition although the end result is the same.

Kojic acid, while unstable, is still used as a skin lightening agent, being effective in inhibiting melanin production. As an alternative, some cosmetic companies use kojic dipalmitate although its effects aren’t as dramatic as kojic acid.

Azelaic acid is commonly found in face creams and lotions and is used to treat some skin discoloration. It is also used in the manufacture of anti-acne creams.