Melasma Treatment

What Is MELINE Peel?

MELINE peel is a cold peel effectively treat all various forms of hyperpigmentation, the solution for individual who suffers from MELASMA!
The formulation of this line allows most of the lightening/brightening active ingredients to work alongside each other, before during and after treatment; making it extremely effective at addressing pigmentation issues.

What Is It Used To Address?

MELINE can be used to address almost all forms of hyperpigmentation occurs when melanin is produced and distributed unevenly within the skin. It can be triggered by heat, sun exposure, hormones induced and/or skin injury. MELINE helps not only to lighten hyperpigmentation , but also suppress the melanocytes in the area to help prevent it from reoccurring. In certain patients, we have also seen improvement with acne, black heads, and dilated pores. This peel is also great at improving fine lines and wrinkles, and is effective also for people who are looking for a general over all rejuvenation of the skin. Following the peel, your skin will feel refreshed, firm and evenly toned.

Is It Painful?

In most cases the patient experiences a varying degree of heat during the peel  immediately after each application. The sensation tends to subside after a few minutes. Patients with drier, more dehydrated skin tend to experience more heat. Once the peel is neutralized the sensation will subside completely. For most patients the sensation is nothing more than slight tingling/itching.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

In most cases excellent results can be achieved in as few as one treatment. Because this peel is so extensive, it can only be administered 3 times a year at maximum per patient. The first two peels can be done 4 weeks apart, while the second must be done at least 6 months after the second peel.
Following homecare advice and being diligent with home care products can help to preserve the progress made with peels. It is also recommended to avoid prolonged sun exposure in the treated area following the treatment. It is best to avoid sunbathing the treated area, and applying SPF diligently to help maintain progress. It is expected that patients will need maintenance treatments to help keep hyperpigmentation under control; especially melasma.

Is It Safe For All Skin Types?

This peel is safe for all skin types. The MELINE Peel has two different formulations : one for skin types 1-3, and one for skin types 4-6. Both of these peels are individually formulated with acids that  address hyperpigmentation most effectively while remaining safe for each skin type. The homecare products are also formulated similarly to the peel;  they are formulated based off skin type, so they are safe and work in synergy with the peel. Avoiding active ingredients and exfoliation a week before and two weeks after, wearing SPF and avoiding sun exposure and following other homecare advice can help to prevent adverse effects.

How Much Does MELINE Peel Cost?

The cost of MELINE Peel in Toronto varies depending on the type of procedure, the area to be treated, the number of treatments required, and other factors. Laser Essential & Skin Care clinic strives to offer the lowest prices of any laser hair removal clinic in Toronto, and offers financing plans to make procedures affordable to all clients. We will match anybody’s price on a comparable cosmetic laser procedure. Schedule a free consultation with Laser Essential & Skin Care clinic in Toronto and learn more about how affordable and competitive our laser hair removal pricing plans are.