At Laser Essential & Skin Care, our Skin Care Specialist is certified by the Oncology Training International (OTI) to include Oncology Skin Care at the facility. This skin care treatment are specifically geared towards those with compromised or challenged skin, resulting from cancer and cancer treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Throughout the certification process, training not only covered the negative effects of cancer treatments on the body and more specifically the skin, but how chemicals and preservatives in skin care products can further exaggerate these often debilitating side effects. This can prove nearly impossible for those fighting cancer, or going through the remission process, to undergo routine skin treatments performed at spas and Medi-spas. Simple facials and massage techniques must be completely revamped when being performed on an individual affected by cancer in order to avoid serious complications and possible infection. 

Side effects from powerful cancer treatments include, but are not limited to, excessively dry and chafed skin, rashes, swelling due to complications of the lymphatic system, and intense bouts of nausea and weakness.  To accommodate these factors, Laser Essential & Skin Care is proud to offer “Alpenrausch”, a line of products from the highly renowned German brand, Dr. Spiller. This line, comprised of 95% certified organic ingredients, shares a partnership with the Oncology Training Institute and includes products which are recognized worldwide as clean, safe, and beneficial for the special skin care needs of patients undergoing treatment for Cancer.

At Laser Essential & Skin Care, the aim is as much to provide an inviting atmosphere as it is to ensure the integrity of their client’s health. Proper and complete disinfecting is of the utmost importance when providing services on those with already compromised immune systems. For this reason, the clinic uses a hospital grade disinfectant “Micrylium” before and after performing all Oncology skin care-related services. The clinic offers a quiet and comfortable environment where clients can relax and leave their skin care needs up to a fully certified Skin care specialist. Completing the OTI certification allows the specialist at Laser Essential & Skin Clinic to accommodate a variety of Oncology skin concerns, all while maintaining a balance of compassion and professionalism.


The concept of Oncology skin care is a much needed one. “Our goal is to let patients know that there is help out there for those dealing with serious skin challenges.  We are skin care providers that specialize in these services; our job is to make you feel completely taken care of”, states the clinic’s Director.

A welcome break from the Doctor’s office or hospital setting- Laser Essential & Skin Care provides a sterilized environment without feeling “sterile”. A friendly and professional setting where maintaining the client’s comfort, integrity and dignity are top priority.

Schedule a free consultation with Laser Essential & Skin Care clinic in Toronto and learn more about Oncology Skin Care Services.


* Please note that all patients must consult their Oncologist and receive written approval before we start any new spa treatments. 

{Please bring with you both forms provided below, completed and signed coming to your facial appointment}



{Please note: No services provided are a substitute for medical treatment, and we do not diagnose skin diseases.  All medical conditions and concerns should be discussed with your doctor.  Chemical Peels and other forms of aggressive exfoliation should be avoided during oncology treatments.  You should also avoid pedicures, manicures, detoxifying body wraps, laser treatments, salt or sugar scrubs, lightening agents, steaming, waxing, extractions, electrolysis, hot stone facials, and electrical modalities.}

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