The benefits or downfall of skin whitening have been debated for many decades and is still a controversial topic of discussion in present times. Like any controversial topic, there are two sides and points of view; those in favor of skin whitening and those who would like to legally ban it. The choice whether or not to go ahead with it lies solely with the individual and if used within the stringent parameters and under supervision whitening creams which have natural ingredients in them are not harmful to the skin. In many Asian countries such as India, China or Japan, there is a lot demand for skin whitening products since dark skin is not considered an asset of beauty. Light skinned women or men are more favored in such cultures.

Apart from which, a lot of individuals wish to lighten their skin tone since they may suffer from blemishes and marks caused by acute acne. The scars that it leaves behind are dark and unattractive. The cause of excessive freckles or large birthmarks may also be on the reasons to lighten the skin color. A good dermatologist will be able to guide the individual on which products will not harm the skin.