A lot of women are born with a hairy growth on their body which sometimes also extends to the area on and around their face too. This can cause a huge amount of psychological and emotional scarring to the individual who will get teased and taunted mercilessly by their peer group. In such cases it is necessary to eliminate the extra growth of hair on unwanted parts of the body. Men too are sometimes born with a heavy growth of hair especially on their backs and chest. Often that too can be a cause of immense embarrassment to them since they would be unable to remove their shirts in public for fear of being ridiculed.

It has been proven that laser hair removal treatments are highly effective in doing away completely with unwanted coarse hair on the body. The treatment and costs vary from each individual and their requirements. The cost for the treatment also depends on the area of space covered in each session. However, in just about 5 treatments, the hair growth reduces up to 90%. Ingrown hair also gets reduced as each session goes by. Laser hair removal treatment takes time. Individual need to be patient since the end results are worth it.