Omnilux Blue & Red Light Therapy

Omnilux Light Therapy is a new, FDA-approved way to treat acne scars and pigmentation using a safe light that is ultraviolet-free and radiation-free. It is used to effectively treat acne on both teens and adults, as well as to remove precancerous lesions and repair sun-damaged skin. Omnilux treatments are non-invasive, quick and painless, leaving patients with no downtime and few, if any, side-effects.

Omnilux therapy is available in two forms: Omnilux Blue and Omnilux Red. Omnilux Blue is used to destroy acne-causing bacteria, while Omnilux Red is used for skin rejuvenation to heal scars and pigmentation associated with acne. Both types of Omnilux are available to people of all ages, and offer comfortable, fast treatments that can help clear acne is as few as eight 20-minute sessions.

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A standard treatment session of Omnilux Blue lasts about 20 minutes, and requires only that patients lie comfortably on a bed wearing protective eyewear. Most patients report feeling a slight warming sensation during the treatment.

People suffering from moderate cases of acne can expect to see noticeable results in as few as eight sessions, which are usually administered twice a week for four weeks. Often, patients see a marked improvement after only one or two sessions.

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