The skin is the largest organ of the body, therefore it is essential that you care for it properly. Failure to do so could result in sagging, grey or dry skin which can be detrimental to both your appearance and your self confidence. With so much conflicting skincare information out there, it can be tough to know what to believe. This article provides four simple things that can boost your complexion and will leave you with beautiful, soft and glowing skin.



Water intake is so important when it comes to the quality of your skin. If you are not getting enough water then it will show on your skin by making it look dehydrated and making fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent. The exact amount of water that you will need to drink on a daily basis will depend on your age and bodyweight along with how much exercise you do. There are calculators online which let you work out the ideal amount of water to consume. A top tip is to make large jars of fruit infused water. This is where you add fruits and herbs to water to make it taste delicious. Always try and drink clean mineral or spring water rather than tap water, as tap water can contain fluoride.

Vitamins and Minerals

By increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals you will notice a huge difference in the texture and appearance of your skin. You can choose to have extra portions of salad or vegetables with every meal in order to get more vitamins and minerals in your diet. Another way to do this is to start juicing. Fresh juices will flood your system with vitamins and minerals that can help to give you that glow as well as make your hair and nails stronger and your eyes sparkle. For the best results try and use fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Sun Protection

The UV rays of the sun can cause premature aging of the skin. Take precautions when you are in areas where the sun may be strong. Try and avoid the sun during midday when the UV rays are at their strongest. You can use scarves, hats and sunglasses to protect your skin. Always use sun lotion, and try and choose a make of sunscreen that is natural and does not contains harsh chemicals that can also damage layers of the skin.

Facials and Treatments

Facials are where a therapist will use their fingers to gently massage the skin. This will boost the flow of blood to the skin and in turn help to give the complexion a lovely glow. They will often use cleansers, toners and moisturizers to also boost your complexion. Special skincare treatments can be used to help clear acne or reduce facial scars and other type of skin problems. A beauty therapist will be able to look at your skin and recommend the best types of treatments for your skin type.

Follow the above tips and you should be well on your way to having beautiful, clear and glowing skin.