Scars can look so horrible. They can be etched on your skin for life especially if you do not do something about it. Some of you presume, your scars are already a hopeless case but it is good to note that with advancements in science, you now have a solution to your problem. Depending on your scar type, a treatment is proven to help with its removal. Get to know your options below.

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Treatment for keloid scars

Keloid scars are scars that result from a very aggressive healing process. Some scars, as you may have noticed, appear because of a certain thing you may have done over the surface. Often, you may have accidentally scratched it or you may have removed the skin over the bruise. In other cases, the scar can extend way beyond that of the original bruise or injury. This is when keloid scars develop. Take note that this is most common amongst individuals who have darker skin. Depending on how you want to treat these scars or on the size of such scars, you now have several treatments to choose from.

In case you want to flatten keloid scars, your choice is to use silicone sheets or have it treated with steroid injections. If you want to remove this scar permanently, you will need to undergo surgery. For smaller keloids, you can ask about a certain type of therapy where the scar will be frozen through the aid of liquid nitrogen, also known as cryotherapy. Silicone gel pads and pressure treatment, on the other hand, can help prevent keloid formation.

Treatment for hypertrophic scars

These are scars that are often red in colour and are raised. These are usually mistaken for keloids but the only distinctive feature they have when compared to keloids is that the scars do not actually extend beyond that of the bruise or injury’s boundaries. For this type of scar, you can use silicone sheets to allow it to flatten whilst you can treat it with steroid injections if you want to lessen inflammation.

Treatment for acne scars

Acne scars are common to teenagers and even adults who have always scratched or pricked over the surface of the acne thinking that is the best way to get rid of it. Many times, with all the scratching and pricking here and there, scars will appear. If you have severe acne, the scars can even be worse than you have expected. Gone are the days when you have to suffer the consequences of what you have done. Now, you can have these scars removed either by surgery or any of the other treatments for scar removal as mentioned herein. Remember that there are wavelike, angular scars as well as those deep pit scars resulting from acne. Each of these acne scar types have specific treatments you should try.

Treatment for contracture scars

What are contracture scars? You may ask. These are scars that have actually resulted from skin burns. Notice that such scars will make your skin look contracted. They can tighten the skin and when they are severe, you will definitely experience some difficulties when moving. In some cases, these scars may also penetrate the skin and affect even your muscles and nerves. Some contracture scars may now be treated using scar removal creams and ointments whilst other may need surgery.

You are very lucky that all of these different treatments are available for scar treatment. For those of you looking for the best way to get rid of scars, you can call us. We are accredited to perform scars removal in Toronto so let us solve your scar problem for good!