If you are reading this, then you must have gone through a lot to get rid of your body hair, from the pain involved to the expenses incurred, only to have them reappear after a few weeks, is mind exhausting. All other hair removal techniques such as waxing and shaving, only manage the hair from the outside, and do not address the root of the problem. We have the answer to your problem!

At Laser Medical Centre, we offer the latest technology used in dermatology, and through laser treatments, which will assure you of perfect results. This treatment is becoming more popular for not only aesthetic reasons but medical reasons as well. For instance, laser can correct scars and manage excess hair growth in both men and women, in several parts of the body. If you have ever doubted this procedure, then here are three good reasons for you not to.

1. Safe procedure


Unlike other painful procedures that leave you with marks and sours, laser hair removal is totally the opposite. Apart from the itchy effect on your skin, which can cause a bit of redness after the procedure, it is extremely safe, as it does not affect your skin or health in any way. The key is to have it done by a qualified and experienced specialist like ours.

How safe is it? First, you are provided with protective eyewear to protect your eye from the direct light. The specialist uses a pen-like device and the precise wavelength of light is directed toward each single hair follicle. As the technician lifts and redirects the pen, there could be a dangerous exposure to the eyes, hence the eye protection.

2. In most cases, no side effects

Of course, this will depend on where you had it done and who did the procedure. There are many unqualified cosmetic surgeons out there and you can easily fall into their hands, if not careful. With their attractive offers, especially the prices, most people have fallen victim of unprofessionally done laser hair removal, which can have severe side effects.

For instance, your skin can be over exposed and cause an irritation that lasts for a longer time than usual. Otherwise, this procedure, which has a chemical and mechanical reaction in the hair follicle, should not affect the skin. In fact, most of our patients recommend it to others because the regrowth afterwards, is much finer and lighter in texture than before.

3. Long lasting results and even permanent hair removal

This is a major contributor to more people getting this procedure done. Some our patients come with excess hair that grows naturally, while others suffer from conditions caused by hormonal imbalance. For women, such conditions lower their self-esteem, which can greatly affect their social life.

It is also annoying to have people always staring and asking why they have beards, long hairs on their backs or legs! After six or so treatments at the Laser Medical Centre, you are assured of having no hair on these particular areas, for good! The hair follicles are exposed to the extreme light, which kills them, and with no hair follicle; hair will not grow. This can be done anywhere on your body!