Here is what our happy patients are saying:

I had serious problems with spider veins, which caused me burning pain and embarrassment. I felt uncomfortable wearing certain clothes. Your procedures and the care of your staff resolved these problems and led to rapid and complete recovery. I feel good about myself and can exercise and wear whatever clothing I choose. The results of your skills are truly unbelievable. I certainly will recommend you highly to anyone I know suffering as I did.
I sincerely want to thank you and your staff for your professional and friendly treatment and your very effective accomplishments.

Kelly T.

When I inquired about the microdermabrasion, I was very inquisitive as to who would be performing the procedure. I wanted to ensure that it was safe and that trained and certified health care staff would in fact be doing the treatment. The professionalism within the practice gave me confidence that I was in the best care. My first dermabrasion proved to be very beneficial in removing the weathered and dead cells from my face, leaving it the smoothest it has ever been.

Alice C.

I feel much more confident in my appearance. I can wear my hair in any style because I’m not trying to hide my face. I don’t worry if someone touches my face. Overall my self esteem is much higher.

Kathy W.

I have tried every hair removal product you could imagine – Waxes, bleaches, creams, razors – you name it. Laser hair removal is the best! First of all it worked even on the most stubborn hairs! It even works on my boyfriend’s dark hair… we both have it. There’s no need to waste money on various of products that are a hassle now that you can get help at the Laser Essential on Yonge”

Nicole N.

It is a gem of an idea and I recommend everyone having it done! I had waxed my legs and bikini line for 10 years and suffered from terrible in-grown hairs. After only 1 treatment of laser hair removal those areas were 100% better. I have had 3 treatments on my bikini line and no longer have hair growing where I don’t want it and my skin is baby smooth!

Monika C.

My main hair issue was my facial hair. It was very dense & coarse & I suffered with sensitive skin, so my neck would develop ingrown hairs, bleeding & shaving rash.
Since having laser hair removal treatments I no longer have these concerns. My wife loves it even better then me, because she no longer has to wake up to a bristle kiss. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t take long and its a small price to pay for smooth, hair free skin!

Steven F.

The Laser Essential’s efficient and professional service, thorough understanding and explanation of laser procedures, and upfront pricing with no hidden fees have caused me to have a completely positive experience – and my legs look great. I also suffered with shaving rash under my arms. After 3 treatments under my arms I am now completely hair free and the skin is never irritated or sore anymore.

Alison N.

I tell you guys, I was so hairy that if it weren’t for the nipples you’d confuse my front with my back. Somebody says it is sexy – that’s wrong. Back hair is not chest hair, as well as shoulder hair and neck hair – none of it is attractive. Have you ever tried to shave or, even the worse, to wax your chest? Believe me it is really painful, annoying and time-consuming procedure. Not only will you suffer from the itchiness of re-growing hair but also a stubbly chest looks ridiculous, and probably doesn’t feel too nice for the girlfriend.
Hopefully, I’ve found relief. Several treatments at the Laser Essential helped me and now I can spend all my time with my girlfriend!

Wesley R.

I am a dark-skinned woman and my complexion is about slightly brownish however my chin is much darker due to years of tweezing and folliculitis (hair bumps). I have tried electrolysis, tweezing, waxing, shaving, threading, and a prescription medication (Vanique) and everything at best is temporary and often expensive. The only thing I hadn’t tried then was Laser.
I was told Laser hair removal works best but only on light skin individuals but I decided to try it because during a consultation a doctor assured Laser Essential’s new laser machine will help me. I did a patch test and found my skin was OK. It is amazing! I have had 4 treatments and am very pleased with the results. I know I need to do some more (they work slowly with the dark skin in case not to burn it). But basically almost all of the hair is gone, it is like baby skin smooth, no ingrown. Do it!

Hellen K

The laser treatment is fast with little discomfort and covers large areas such as my back and shoulders in one session. Hair regrowth is very slow and Laser Essential offers progressive results in large areas – areas that are too large to use electrolysis.

Paul S.