DR. Spiller

Dr. Spiller “Alpenraush” – Cosmos Organic Certified

“Alpenrausch”, comes from the German brand “Dr. Spiller. This line is certified 95% organic and contains no artificial preservatives. Although suitable for all skin types, it’s especially useful for anyone with compromised/challenged or demanding skin. This is our “go-to” line when performing our Oncology skin care facials as the line shares a partnership with the Oncology Training Institute. With core ingredients like Rose Petal Water and Edelweiss Extract, clients affected by cancer, or other health conditions which may result in compromised skin, can rest assured that with “Alpenrausch” they are being treated with a natural, fragrance-free and highly effective skin care line.


Some of our favorites from the “Alpenrausch” line includes:

Mild Cleansing Foam– With ingredients like antiseptic/antibacterial Lavender Oil to calm redness, Rose Water to purify and balance oil production, and Edelweiss Extract for it’s remarkable protecting properties from environmental stressors, this cleanser is suitable for each and every skin type! A great staple in everyone’s skin care routine, no matter what your concerns.

Harmonizing Facial Toner– So you’ve just washed your face-now what? This product, containing all of the natural ingredients found in the Mild Cleansing Foam, calms the skin while preventing irritation. Natural astringent properties from the Willow Herb plant regulate oil production leaving your skin soft, smooth and prepped for moisturizing. 

Balancing Alpine Complex– Created especially for Oily/Acne/Combination skin. This complex moisturizer contains many elements such as Zinc, a mattifying agent with keeps the shine of your skin under control which balancing redness. Arnica, with its anti-septic, pain killing properties, minimize the painful side effects of acne  while preventing further inflammation. And rose water, as we know, protects from bacteria, balances oil and calms even sensitive skin. The perfect product for anyone dealing with hard-to-please skin.

Active Moisturizing Cream– On the opposite side of the spectrum, this product is intended for mature/dehydrated skin. Containing Alpine Honey, this moisturizer supplies skin with intensive moisture, prevents water loss with Hyaluronic Acid, and repairs weaknesses within the skin’s structure. Sunflower and Safflower Seed Oils work to protect from further damage caused by free radicals. This product is a must for the mature client looking to boost hydration and soften signs of aging.

And of course, we can’t forget about taking care of the rest of our body, eye and lip!

“Alpenrausch” also offers a Soothing Hand Cream containing Mallow Flower Extract and pure Linseed Oil for immediate and long-lasting hydration. The Reviving Eye Cream packs a punch with Linden Flowers and Eyebright Extract which when combined with the other natural properties in this product, redness swelling, cools tired eyes and acts as a protective barrier against free radicals. This is one of our favorites – very effective!www.spaessential.ca/dr.spiller

Last but not least, the line’s Lip Balm is made with Jojoba Seed Oil, Bees Wax, Chamomile Extract and Vitamin E. A natural alternative that won’t dry out your lips, this product contains anti-septic properties and strong antioxidants which help to repair dry, damaged lips. A must-have, all season type of product for sure!