Eltraderm Skin Care

Laser Essential & Skin Care. We are proud to have a variety of skin care lines to offer our clients. It is important to us that the products we use during treatment are not only effective, but that the ingredients are pure and non-irritating, even to the most sensitive of skin. As always, we want only the best for our clients and are here to help you reach your skin care goals.

Our first line, Eltraderm Skin Care, a Canadian manufacture,  works to maintain three core components that make up our skin – moisture levels, collagen and elastin. The company’s research team has uncovered a unique extraction process resulting in the purest concentration (99%) of these crucial elements which aid in keeping skin looking soft, supple and youthful. Besides the anti-aging benefits, the line has something to offer the most common skin concerns that our clients come to us with.

Conditions including dull and dry skin, skin with overactive sebaceous(“oil”) glands, the prevention and treatment of acne, or just the need to relax and unwind. Products such as the “Enzyme Peeling Mask” and the “Cucumber Mask” feel just as great on the skin as they sound! these luxurious products are sure to leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and baby soft. Here are some of our favorites from the line:




Collagen Gel – Great for preventing signs of aging, even for sensitive skin types, this product improves skin’s appearance as it keeps fine lines and wrinkles
at bay. It also restores hydration and gives skin that “supple” quality that we all love!  For those with more mature or dehydrated skin, try the Collagen Gel Plus or the Collagen
Extract for an extra boost of intense moisture that firms while it hydrates. Eltraderm’s 99% pure Collagen Extract is sure to drastically improve hydration and texture of skin, whichever product you chose.


Cleansers – With a cleanser suited for each skin type, there really is something for everyone with this skin care line. For dry, dehydrated or mature skin, the Milk Cleanser is a gentle yet effective product for even the most sensitive skin. Containing Coco seed butter and Vitamin E, this cleanser is hydrating and velvety smooth.

For those battling excess oil production and acne break outs, the Gel Cleanser is a great choice. With ingredients like Tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, this cleanser will leave you feeling tingly-fresh, but never dry! Soy proteins work to improve hydration and overall texture.

Not Dry but not oily either? The Gel Lotion Cleanser may just be the perfect cleanser for you! Great for combination skin, best for male skin and used for shaving. This product works to maintain a balance within the skin, keeping your complexion clean and clear and prepped for your favorite moisturizer.

Which leads us to…


Moisturizers – We should all be using a moisturizer suited for our skin type, morning and night, to help retain the moisture within our skin. Whether it’s the Hydro One Cream a source of moisture that protects, softens and give radiant skin, the Illumine Cream to nourish, protect and illuminate the skin, or Peptide Cream used to firm and tighten skin, these moisturizers are as versatile and effective as the cleansers mentioned above. Containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid which prevents water loss in our skin, shea butter for softness, and antioxidants to battle free-radicals which age us prematurely, we’re sure you’ll love these hard-working moisturizers as much as we do.

These are just some of the products that we love and use regularly from the Eltraderm Skin Care line. Don’t forget- these products can be purchase at our clinic after your treatment. Experience luxury in the comfort of your very own home!