Microdermabrasion is an excellent cosmetic surgery treatment that spectacularly improves the texture and look of your face. How so, you might ask. Well, if properly done by a licensed and experienced dermatologist or cosmetic surgery specialist, irregular facial skin tones are done away with and aging signs reduced.

What really is microdermabrasion?

Well, it is a non-invasive and quite painless skin resurfacing treatment. The dermatologist utilizes fine mineral crystals to gently abrade and then polish the skin surface to treat a plethora of dermatological issues regardless of a patient’s skin color and type. To get the desired results, several treatment sessions in a licensed dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon office have to be attended. It is often done in combination of glycolic acid peels.

How is microdermabrasion done?

The treatment involves the usage of special machines that combine a jet spray of micro-crystals to help get rid of the outer keratin layer of skin and a highly sensitive hand piece vacuum cleaner that removes dead cells and debris from the skin. Glycolic acid peels are also applied to help achieve better results.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

• The skin gets polished, refining its appearance and feel while at it
• Boosts collagen production
• Helps in hyper-pigmentation treatment
• Fights signs of aging
• Treats sun damages, scarring and a number of other embarrassing skin conditions
• Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is reduced

Is microdermabrasion treatment painful?

Microdermabrasion treatment is quite painless; however, the suctioning hand piece action and micro-crystals scrubbing can be unsettling. You will feel a slight abrasive sensation, similar to fingernails scratching against your skin and a localized suctioning feeling from the hand piece as it vacuums away dead skin cells from the skin.

The treatment

The dermatologist cleanses the patient’s skin before and after a skin resurfacing treatment. He or she then applies a soothing face mask after completing the resurfacing procedure. The skin feels fully cleansed and rejuvenated after a successful microdermabrasion session.

How long does a microdermabrasion session take?

Microdermabrasion is often considered a “luchtime” sort of a treatment as it generally takes less than an hour to be completed. In simple terms, a typical session in dermatologist office lasts between thirty five to forty five minutes. This in essence means you can right away go back to your work after the treatment. If properly done, no one will even notice you had a microdermabration treatment.

After microdermabrasion

Results vary greatly depending on the patient’s skin condition being treated and skin type. Make sure to speak with your dermatologist about the possible side-effects and precautions. Here are some possible side effects you might experience after a microdermabrasion session.

• A mild but very temporary itch afterwards
• Slight redness
• Skin sensitivity

After treatment precautions

• Avoid prolonged sun exposure
• Situations that can lead to excessive perspiration should be avoided at all costs
• Hot water should be avoided when cleansing the skin
• If you must , use gentle skincare products and light make-up