If you’ve been brave enough to step out of your house in the past few months, you’ve probably had your mask in tow. Whether it be store bought or homemade, our new normal means where ever we go, our masks go with us. Unfortunately for some, with the mask comes something called maskne. If you’ve found yourself suffering from unexpected breakouts  around your mouth, nose, and cheeks over the past few months it might not be the stress of the pandemic, it might be your mask.



If you work in a field that requires you to wear a mask constantly, you have probably know maskne all too well. Maskne occurs in and around the area where our masks sit. Underneath our masks, we are constantly breathing and talking; releasing lots of warm, wet air into the mask where it gets trapped. This humid environment creates the perfect space for bacteria and flora to grow. On top of the irritation from the masks constant rubbing against the skin, acne is sure to flourish. It’s a frustrating situation especially because wearing a mask has become part of our new normal, but there are a few things that can be done to prevent and reduce it.

One of the biggest recommendations is to double check your skin routine. Any heavy oil based products might need to retired from your routine for the time being. The beginning of any good skincare routine is a good cleanser. If you’re suffering from maskne Dr Spiller’s Herbal Cleansing Gel will help manage and prevent breakouts. This cleanser has dandelion in it which is great for detoxifying the skin, and the lactic acid  in the cleanser will help your skin stay hydrated. This cleanser is gentle enough to use every day without drying your skin out, while still providing you with a proper clean to break down excess oils and bacteria on your skin. A quick tip: after extracting any pimples or blackheads, wipe the area with a toner to get rid of any lingering acne bacteria; this will stop the bacteria from potentially spreading to other areas of your face.




Opting for a water based moisturizers or one of Dr Spiller’s “oil in water emulsion” moisturizer will protect your skin from becoming clogged with excess oils, while still providing the proper amount of hydration and moisture. Staff pick Dr Spiller’s Herbal Active Complex is a hydrating lotion with Salicylic acid to balance the skin’s micro-flora, and gentian extract for cooling, antiseptic and anti inflammatory. Another highly recommended moisturizer Dr Spiller’s Propolis day cream is a good fit for many, as it’s filled with grape seed oil for its nourishing anti aging properties, and propolis which is high in vitamin B and known for its skin healing properties. To really get a handle on your maskne, we suggest booking a Signature Facial with us! We use microdermabrasion, serums and oxygen to help refresh your skin, and calm maskne breakouts. Laser Essential & Skin Care has the right tools and knowledge to work with your skin, and get you started on your path to clear skin again!

In addition to this, we recommend you try and keep it light when it comes to makeup underneath your mask. Avoid things like lipsticks and heavy foundations, as these products get on the inside your mask and can make the problem worse. Giving your skin a break can also help to reduce maskne; any time you can take during the day to go outside and remove your mask can help your skin breathe and can prevent moisture build up inside your mask. Also, changing out your disposable masks, or washing your reusable masks frequently, allow your skin to breathe, rest and repair itself can help prevent the spread of acne.

If you’re suffering with maskne, our most important recommendation is having proper skin care routine with the right products and visit us at Laser Essential & Skin Care, enjoyed a customized facial just for you; can make a world of difference.