No matter how much time you have in your busy schedule, you should always try to look after your skin. Because this is usually the first thing that people notice when they are checking you out. And even if you don’t really care for their opinions, healthy skin is integral to feeling great. Taking good care of your skin is not that difficult and you can usually do enough by dedicating yourself to a 10 minute regime most days. We have listed some of the most effective and proven ways to ensure that your skin always glows and never leaves you feeling down. So please spend a few minute perusing this article because you will so glad that you did!

Sun Issues


Even if you live in a cool climate, that sun can really wreak havoc on any skin types, so do not take risks. Too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays will cause premature aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Use a decent sunscreen when the bad boy is out and about and try to look for shade between the hours of 10am and 4 pm. You should try and wear long sleeves and long pants wherever possible, because those rays can be killers.

Smoking Sucks

We all know this, but millions of adults still pursue this lethal activity with some gusto. Were you aware that smoking is also terrible for your skin? The blood vessels in your outermost skin layers actually narrow and this decreases the blood flow. As a result, your skin will age far swifter and wrinkles will soon be coming along to say ‘hi’. And the actual physical action of smoking can also make your face a better place for those wrinkles to hand out!


Yes it is true, bad food equals bad skin, and then some! Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and lean proteins and avoid greasy food. Vitamin C is great for your skin and you should be eating healthily as a matter of course anyway.

Be Gentle

We all love a nice soak in the bath, but try to limit these to 5 or 10 minutes and use warm water instead of scalding hot. Stay clear of powerful soaps as these can strip vital oils from your skin. Use a moisturizer on dry skin and try and combine this with an SPF feature.

Stress Kills

Do you best to avid stressful situations because uncontrolled stress can trigger acne breakouts that will make everything a little harder to deal with. Take regular exercise and try to take more breaks on your rest days. That to do list can always be cut in half because your health should be at the top anyway.

Spa Regime

Spend at least one afternoon per month at your local spa centre. Enjoy a toronto chemical peel and treat your skin to some awesome pampering. These may not be cheap, but your skin deserves the best and you will feel like a million dollars as a result.

Ready To Start?

We hope so, try these tips and let us know how you feel!