Everyone desires smooth and radiant skin. There is a billion dollar industry dedicated to it. However, beautiful skin still eludes us. You look in the mirror and instead of seeing beauty, you see the beast. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it helps if some of it is in your face. No matter what they say, a beautiful face can help you get ahead in life. Contrary to popular belief, beautiful skin isn’t something you achieve. It is something you prevent from losing. Beauty is within all of us, you just have to be careful not to squander it away. Here are a few skincare tips that will help you protect your inner beauty.

Beautiful Skin Should Be Eternal, Not Temporary

As we mentioned before, there is a billion dollar industry dedicated to skincare products. However, their main priority is money, not your skin. Makeup can temporarily make you look like ‘Snow White’, but once it comes off, you become the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’. Avoid too much makeup. It is instrumental in destroying the natural beauty of your skin.

A Sunny Day

Sunlight may not have the same effect on you as they have on vampires, but intense heat can still be detrimental to your skin. Apply sunscreen before stepping out in the summer, to prevent your skin from darkening under the devastating effects of the sun. Walk in the shade whenever possible and avoid direct sunlight. Paparazzi aren’t the only reason celebrities wear sunglasses and cover their faces. After all, their face is their livelihood.

Cleanse Your Skin, Don’t Destroy It


Who doesn’t enjoy a long bath after a hard day’s work? Who doesn’t enjoy lying in the tub, soaking in hot water? Although this may be a good way to relax, it is bad for your skin. Long baths in hot water rob your skin of essential oils, making it dry, rough and itchy. Hot water doesn’t just melt away your worries; it also melts away your skin’s moisture.

Winter Is Coming

December is my favorite month of the year, probably because it incorporates my birthday and Christmas. However, the cold weather really does a number on my skin. During winter, our skin loses moisture more than any other time of the year. It isn’t the world’s best kept secret. To avoid sharing the same fate as a dried leaf, you must moisturize your skin daily. According to skin specialists, you should apply moisturizer right after your bath. This will help you retain all the moisture you’ve lost during your bath.

The Road To Skincare Goes Through Your Stomach

Having a healthy and balanced diet is important, because your diet reflects on your skin’s appearance. Ponce de Leon may have failed to discover the fountain of youth, but its effects can be found in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the key to younger looking skin. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for junk food. What has junk food been good for anyway?

The secret to glowing skin isn’t inside an expensive bottle of lotion, so stop looking. Follow these steps and watch the beast in the mirror transform into a beauty.