The skin is originally elastic, meaning that it should be able to tighten up after being stretched for some time. Losing a lot of weight is one of the things that are known to make your skin lose its elasticity. This would explain the usually unattractive saggy skin that you may have seen on someone or on yourself after a significant weight loss. Sagging skin often affects how you look and how you feel, meaning that you’ll need a solution as soon as possible. Here are three options that might just do wonders for you.

Eat well and exercise your body


This seems a bit obvious, and that’s because it is. In order to enjoy great tight skin, you will have to eat a lot of fresh and raw foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This is especially because these are usually very beneficial for developing beautiful and fresh skin. Make sure you drink enough water and a lot of fresh juices. You will also be wise to avoid indulging in dehydrating beverages like alcohol and coffee. This will only cause more damage to your skin.

Here, you need to remember that well hydrated skin is more elastic than dehydrated skin. When it comes to exercising, you will need to indulge in routines that allow you to muscle up. This means trying out some weight training rather than the usual cardio exercises that were effective for weight loss. Yoga is also a good way to tone up and get that tight skin if you are consistent with it. You can start attending yoga classes a few times a week or even use a video to practice from the comfort of your home.

Embrace healthy changes in your lifestyle

Some of these changes would include avoiding the sun. While a tan may make you feel awesome, the sun does more damage than good to your skin. If you cannot completely avoid direct sunlight, then at least use some good sunscreen products that will shield you from the harmful rays. Getting frequent massages will also help with circulation, meaning that your skin can get enough nutrients.

While getting that massage, be sure to concentrate on the areas that you need to tighten. Better circulation implies improved cell growth and generally healthier skin cells. You will also need to avoid harsh skin care products that are likely to dry your skin up. Oily soaps and cleansers will work best for you at this time since they care for your skin while also protecting it from drying up.

Skin treatments actually work

Here, there are three major things that you could do. First, exfoliate your skin regularly for a clean and smooth feel. Exfoliation improves circulation, meaning that your skin gets to receive all the nutrients that it needs for self-renewal. You could also include mineral and salt scrubs into your exfoliation regimen. These are quite effective in tightening the skin too.

The second thing to do here is to always oil your skin thoroughly after a shower. The oils are effective in rebuilding your skin’s elasticity to give you tighter skin. Skin firming creams, lotions and masks are your third step. Basically, use skin care products that are aimed at strengthening your skin. The ingredients to look out for include collagen, Vitamin A and E, and pure Aloe.

All of these are natural ways to tighten your skin, meaning that they will take some time and consistency on your part. Speak to your dermatologist or an expert in skin tightening in Toronto for more specific tips and advice based on your skin type.