Weight has always been an issue for a lot of people. Even from all the way back when we were children, we have been told to watch our weight as it is usually a reliable sign of whether or not one is healthy. Being too thin suggests that we have not been taking in all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that we need, while being too obese can lead to multiple diseases like high blood pressure or worse, a heart attack.

For seniors, it becomes even more important that they keep their body weight within an acceptable range. As they grow older, some of them may become frailer and their immune systems become weaker, making them more prone to certain illnesses. Hence, in order to stay healthy and hang around this wonderful planet for a little longer, there are some key points we need to take note of on how to stay healthy as we grow older and if you have at any point of time went through a weight loss treatment as an elderly, you should practice good habits even when you are at home.

Watching your diet

The most important thing in regards to anyone’s health is always what he or she eats on a daily basis. Eating is a wonderful thing and I myself can’t help feasting on some really hearty food like fried chicken or pizza from time to time. However, it is dangerous for anyone to be constantly eating food like this week in week out, and that is especially true for older people. Ensure you have an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables, and if possible, cut down on your salt and sugar intake, as they can hurt your liver and cause diseases like diabetes.

Getting sufficient exercise

Everyone knows one of the key ingredients of staying fit is exercise, but many elderly people ignore the notion, claiming they are too old to run a mile a day. However, exercising does not have to be that rigorous, as there is a wide range of activities specially catered for elderly people that makes sure they work out their body but do not exert themselves too much.

One of the most popular ones is water aerobics, also known as aquafit. It is both creative and fun and leaves everyone with a brighter mood and a sense of accomplishment after the session is complete. Another great exercise is Tai Chi, which may not look like it does much, but the control of breathing required helps one regulate blood flow and keeps a person calm and relaxed.

Drinking more water

The older a person gets, the less thirsty he or she will feel, and will tend to drink less water. As a result, it could lead to a mild case of dehydration which in turn causes symptoms like decreased blood pressure and constipation. It also causes them to urinate less often, and toxins unreleased from the body for a long period of time can create some serious problems as time goes on. So, it is important that one reminds him or herself to drink water routinely. It is especially helpful to drink some water before a meal as it helps to impede one’s appetite. This is very important as older people tend to have poor appetites and as a result not eat what is required to stay nourished at their age.