Since it was first performed in Canada, laser hair removal has exploded in popularity. New centers offering this treatment are cropping up all the time across the country. So, with more patients than ever booking treatments, how do you choose the perfect laser hair removal clinic? Here are three killer questions every clinic should be asked. The answers you receive to these questions should help you easily decide whether laser hair removal is right for you.

Question #1. ‘What Happens During Your Initial Consultation?’

This is the best question to open with as you can tell a lot from the answer you receive. A reputable clinic should offer, at minimum, a free two-hour initial consultation. The Canadian Healthcare Association (CHA) advises that a quality consultation should be offered obligation free. This consultation is essential in determining which laser procedure (if any) is most appropriate for you. Warning signs to watch out for include clinics with limited consultations, high-pressure sales techniques or a limited selection of laser hair removal equipment. You must be satisfied that all your questions about laser hair removal have been answered.

Question #2. ‘Are Your Staff Qualified?’

If you have already begun phoning up centers for quotes you will have noticed significant variations in prices. Why is this? According to a recent article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the reason for this variation in price is that some centers use medical doctors to perform hair removal while others use untrained staff. The article quotes dermatologist Dr. Vince Bertucci, who is a past president of the Canadian Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Bertucci points out that laser hair removal always involves ‘a risk of complications, even when a medical doctor performs the procedure’. This means that should you find a very cheap clinic, they are likely using untrained staff. You should know that according to Health Canada, anyone can use these devices for cosmetic laser hair removal as there are no ‘federal or provincial training requirements’. Expect to pay top dollar for hair removal performed by a doctor. One solution for getting value for money is to find a clinic where staff are working under
the supervision of an on-site physician.

Question #3. ‘What Kind Of Lasers Do You Use?’

There are many laser technologies on the market today and common answers you might hear to this question include IPL, Nd-Yag and Diode technologies. You can do your own research as to whether the laser technology used by a clinic is safe and FDA-approved. All FDA-approved laser technologies are safe and effective means to achieve permanent hair removal. Health Canada reports that it regulates laser devices to ensure that systems sold in Canada are ‘safe and effective when used for their licenced medical purposes by trained professionals according to the manufacturers’ directions’. Upon examining your skin tone and hair color, a certified specialist will determine which laser is best for your specific needs.


Laser hair removal is an extremely complex surgery and the risks are magnified when it is performed by people with no medical training and no physician is on site in case things go wrong. When choosing the perfect laser hair removal clinic in Canada, the answers you receive to these three question should help you significantly.