Although skin whitening is an old concept commonly found in Africa, a lot of people still do not know much about it. Most of them believe that it is a simple way of achieving better social status. Consequently, many dark skinned people go for this procedure with the hopes of gaining more respect. It is not surprising to find people who undertake this procedure simply because they want to find a spouse. For many years, pale skin has been seen as a symbol of distinction. People with dark skin were perceived to belong to lower social classes. In fact, most dark skinned people were always disregarded. This compelled women with dark skin to seek ways of whitening their skin so as to improve their chances of getting married to wealthier men.

Skin whitening has since become a tradition in many parts of the world where there are people with dark complexion. However, many people end up damaging their skin in a bid to improve their skin color. They use very risky methods that leave them dealing with serious side effects. That is why it is important to seek advice from a qualified medical doctor before you undertaking any skin whitening procedure. If you are not careful about your skin whitening process, you will end up developing serious medical complications such as skin cancer.