Almost all women have cellulite and everyone knows what it looks like. The culprits are the foods you eat, weight gain, genetic predisposition, and inevitable hormone changes throughout life. We’re going to explain three proven ways to reduce cellulite; diet, exercise and Endermology.

Tip #1: Clean Up Your Diet


Simply by eating correctly you could soon have a smoother, flatter tummy and sleeker thighs – and save yourself a fortune on dubious cellulite creams that you know just don’t work. Cellulite is now widely believed to be due to toxic by-products of the food we eat. You can significantly reduce cellulite by following a strict calorie-controlled diet and eliminating junk food. Your diet should cut out, or minimize, alcohol, caffeine, salt and refined carbohydrates that you find in cookies, crisps and breakfast cereals.

Tip #2: Quality Not Quantity With Exercise

Exercise can help you reduce the amount of cellulite you have but it’s the quality that matters, not the duration. Avoid low-intensity exercise such as walking and shoot for high-intensity exercises like jumping rope. High-intensity, or ‘anaerobic’ exercise, has been proven to help people shape up and trim down faster. It’s simple to start; just a jump rope and a large foam mat (to protect your joints from the high impact) are all you need.

The Hard Work Has Been Done For You


Diet and exercise are nothing new, and neither are proven strategies to help you implement them. Bill Phillip’s 2001 book Body-for-LIFE was a New York Times bestseller and guess what? It was based on tips and tricks that people had been using since the 1960’s. The truth never changes and Phillip’s just simplified and popularized it. All the information you need about how to diet and complete the exercises is now free on the website of the same name.

Tip #3: Tackle Cellulite Head-On With Endermology

Endermology is the world’s first patented cellulite reduction technology. It is FDA-approved and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase circulation, relieve minor muscle aches and pains, and relax muscle spasms. Endermology is a safe, non-surgical approach that combines motorized vibrators with gentle suction to help increase circulation to the cellulite cells and facilitate the exchange or fluids and the clearance of fat.

Putting It All Together


Body-for-LIFE is a 12 week course that shows you how to eat six small meals every day and then take a complete rest every Sunday. Each meal is a portion of carbohydrate and a portion of protein with two cups of water. An example lunch would be a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. That’s not too much of a departure from what many people eat anyway. Body-for-LIFE shows you how to do three weight training workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with nothing more than dumbbells and you can do skipping on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It’s super-simple, free and fun!

You can use Endermology once a week during the 3-month BFL program and can expect to see changes within 5 to 6 sessions. After 12 weeks, monthly maintenance sessions are suggested thereafter. BFL will help you cut out bad foods, eat healthily and not feel hungry by spacing out small meals. You’ll enjoy your rest day every Sunday and find sticking with the program far, far easier.