I am a dark-skinned woman and my complexion is about slightly brownish however my chin is much darker due to years of tweezing and folliculitis (hair bumps). I have tried electrolysis, tweezing, waxing, shaving, threading, and a prescription medication (Vanique) and everything at best is temporary and often expensive. The only thing I hadn’t tried then was Laser.
I was told Laser hair removal works best but only on light skin individuals but I decided to try it because during a consultation a doctor assured Laser Essential’s new laser machine will help me. I did a patch test and found my skin was OK. It is amazing! I have had 4 treatments and am very pleased with the results. I know I need to do some more (they work slowly with the dark skin in case not to burn it). But basically almost all of the hair is gone, it is like baby skin smooth, no ingrown. Do it!

Hellen K