There are many types of skin imperfections one can have and usually the most unappealing and annoying ones are stretch marks. Basically, these imperfections look like small lines on the skin and they have different colors and nuances, making your overall image quite unattractive. However, if you have stretch marks then you might be happy to know that there are professional treatments for them. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the causes of stretch marks.

Rapid weight loss

Losing weight can be a real reason for joy and happiness, but when you look in the mirror and you see a couple of stretch marks on your belly area then all your excitement will vanish quickly! Well, a rapid loss of weight can be the reason behind stretch marks and the experts think that this is happening because the skin doesn’t have enough time to adjust to the new weight and body shape. Therefore, take it easy with your diet and workout routines and you will not have stretch marks.

Rapid weight gain

Similarly, the skin can develop stretch marks if you gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. Again, sudden changes in the body will trigger this process, so remember to enjoy a couple of sweets and hamburgers from time to time, but don’t cross the line.

Puberty and hormonal changes

Usually teenagers are the most exposed to stretch mark and for them, this is a natural process which accompanies puberty. Unfortunately, teenagers deal with a lot of changes in their body during puberty and some get acne, other stretch marks, etc. Don’t worry, usually these skin imperfections pass with time and if they don’t, laser treatments will solve the problem.


During pregnancy, the abdominal area of a woman increases in size and volume and for some mothers to-be, this quick body change can catch the skin unprepared, resulting in ugly stretch marks. Again, they might pass after pregnancy, so you shouldn’t worry about them too much now.


Yes, even if you work out a lot and your body develops a lot of muscular mass at a rapid pace, you still risk of getting stretch marks in the long run. Basically, the skin tries to adapt to the increased muscles on your arms, abdomen, chest and legs and in some cases, it might get hurt and develop stretch marks. Therefore, although you might look great in the mirror with six-pack abs, remember that they can be ruined by long, visually unappealing stretch marks. Just take it easier and you will achieve your goals!

So, if you currently have stretch marks on your skin because of one or more of the aforementioned causes then you should come to our professional clinic. Here you can take advantage of laser therapy which will produce visible, stunning results in just a few sessions of treatment. Additionally, this procedure is safe, you won’t feel more than a small pinch in the skin area which is being treated and in the future, you will be able to look in the mirror feeling much better about yourself!